Laravel Eloquent Left Join Where Null Condition Example

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This article goes in detailed on laravel eloquent left join where null condition. i explained simply about laravel left join with where condition. let’s discuss about laravel left join where null. you can see laravel left join get null records. Let's see bellow lesson laravel left join where clause.

Two days ago i was working on my old project and i need to get records that not match with left join table. i mean i have users table and i need to send notification users that does not post article yet. i see laravel documentation and find out solution to how to get not match records using where null condition. so i just want to share this lesson with you guys so someone helps.

Let's see simple lesson:

SQL Query:







ON posts.user_id =


posts.user_id IS NULL

Laravel Eloquent Query:

$data = User::leftJoin('posts', function($join) {

$join->on('posts.user_id', '=', '');





thank you very much for following up with me.

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