laravel 5.4 New Feature - Add eloquent whereKey method

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Today what you are going to learn:

Yesterday release Laravel 5.4 new version with new features and many upgrade. Laravel also provide documentation for Laravel 5.4 on their website. There are several update in Laravel 5.4 like in collections, mail, factory helper, Bootstrappers etc.

In this post we are going to see whereKey method in Laravel Eloquent. whereKey is very simple way to use and pretty interesting feature. laravel provide us where condition with add key(column) name and then value, But in this method you have write Key = name of column.

So i am going to give one lesson for whereKey() that way you can understand how it is working. So first we have on "posts" table with some dummy data like as bellow screen shot.

posts table

Ok, now we require to get only status = 'PUBLISHED' records. So now using whereKey() through we can make query as like bellow:

whereKey() Example

Route::get('wherekey', function () {

$posts = \DB::table('posts')






You will be found out put as like bellow:


Illuminate\Support\Collection Object


[items:protected] => Array


[0] => stdClass Object


[id] => 21

[title] => My Sample Post

[status] => PUBLISHED


[1] => stdClass Object


[id] => 23

[title] => Latest Post

[status] => PUBLISHED


[2] => stdClass Object


[id] => 27

[title] => Yarr Post

[status] => PUBLISHED




thank you very much for following up with me.

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